6 Talks We’re Excited to Hear This Year at the Kansas City Developer Conference

 ● 15th Jul 2019

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Good news if you’re a developer! The 11th annual Kansas City Developer Conference is just around the corner, on July 18th and 19th at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City (with a pre-conference workshop day on July 17th). It’s the place to be for rich interactions with other developers, both new and experienced. Fun fact: This conference will also feature a Kids Conference following the KCDC. Here are 6 sessions we’re excited about this year at KCDC:

1. ***Continuous Reliability: An agile process to deliver higher quality applications***

Thursday at 3:45 PM | 2210

With the rise of CI/CD teams are able to deliver new code and features to customers faster than ever before. The pressure to out-innovate the competition is high, and organizations need to be able to move quickly without compromising the quality of the services their customers depend on. In this talk, OverOps’ own Oliver Nielsen will introduce the concept of Continuous Reliability (CR) and demonstrate how to implement it in your own workflows.

2. CI/CD – More Than an Acronym, It’s a culture shift

Thursday at 8:45 AM | 2206

CI/CD is taking the world by storm. With the amount of tools that have flooded the market over the last few years, implementing CI/CD workflows is easier than ever before. The work doesn’t stop there, though. As new tools are introduced to accelerate integration and delivery of new code, it’s important to ensure that your team is able to embrace the cultural shift necessary to support these new workflows. Join James Quick as he shared his own experience with leading this transition in his own organization and what he learned from it.

3. ModernJava: Do you want to know-it-all?

Friday at 8:30 AM | 2201

So what do you know about Modernizing Java? Would you like to know more? Dig in deeper with this intermediate-level session with Jayashree S Kumar, a Software Engineer at IBM’s India Software Labs. Learn by example how to enhance your Java applications to stay competitive as the Java platform continues to evolve. 

4. Building Quality JavaScript With Test-Driven Development

Wednesday at 8:00 AM | 2202

Have you let testing fall to the wayside? This half-day intermediate-level workshop addresses and abolishes the frustration so often associated with Test-Driven Development. Learn to apply TDD in Javascript with Steven Hicks, Senior Engineer, speaker, writer and teacher who embraces the philosophy that a developer’s job is to solve problems, not just write code.

What to expect:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of TDD
  • An instructor-led demonstration of TDD in practice
  • A collaborative code kata to get a hands-on, practical introduction to TDD
  • A series of hands-on exercises writing test-driven JavaScript code 

5. Creative Coding: An Introduction to Processing

Wednesday at 8:00 AM | 2210

Whether you realize it or not, engaging the right side of the brain is an important exercise for developers. Learn to stretch the other side of your brain with a bit of creative expression in coding. Krista LaFentres, Developer at Andrews McMeel Universal, will teach the options that are available to you for expression, such as creating art with code. Plus, you’ll get hands-on experience and create your own piece from what you learn in this half-day workshop.

6. Build software like a bag of marbles, not a castle of LEGO®

Friday at 11:00 AM | 2205

What can we learn from LEGO® building when it comes to software? When it comes to making feature changes in software and building castles from LEGO®, both the parallels and complications become quite evident. Most notably, the fact that adding functionality means making changes to every single layer, or deconstructing large parts if we build our software like LEGO®. But there is a better way, as outlined in this session by Competence Coach Hannes Lowette.

See you there?

Come by our booth to say hi, see a quick demo of the product and pick up some cool swag. We hope you have a great time! Want to share your thoughts or insights on the upcoming sessions? Send us your comments or tweet at us @overopshq.

Nick heads up events at OverOps, so you’ll probably see him on the road at conferences, meetups & summits throughout the year. If you do, be sure to say hi! When he’s home in SF, Nick likes to hike, cook, and play board games with friends.

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