5 Can’t-Miss Talks and Workshops to Attend at QCon NYC

 ● 12th Jun 2019

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QCon NYC is an international software development conference for senior software engineers and architects. It’s the conference professional developers have been attending for the past 8 years to find out what the world’s most innovative software shops are using.

This year’s conference will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, right in the energetic epicenter of NYC. Get in on the discussion and learn the latest trends and tools to use on your projects.

Choose to attend the conference, workshops or, even better – stay all week and attend both. The main conference is from June 24-26, and workshops will be held June 27-28. Here are 5 QCon NYC presentations and workshops to attend if you want to up your game (one for each day of the week):

*BONUS* OverOps at Qcon NYC!

How to Convince Your Manager to Address Technical Debt

Tuesday 10:35am – 11:25am

In 2018, poor quality software cost U.S. companies an estimated $2.84 trillion, according to a recent report from the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ). Despite developers spending roughly 60% of their time finding and fixing pesky application issues, errors still result in major software quality expenses. OverOps’ very own Eric Mizell, VP Solution Engineering, will break down the many costs – both obvious and hidden – that result from error-ridden applications, and provide you with a formula to help convince your manager to make technical debt a priority.

1. Liberating Structures at Capital One

Monday 4:10pm – 5:00pm | Track: Human Systems: Hacking the Org

Do your meetings typically disintegrate into a stifled, disorganized gathering of disengaged team members? The folks who have the best ideas on your team might keep quiet for a variety of reasons. Learn to implement exciting new management techniques that include everyone on your team and cultivate shared ownership. Greg Myers will share Capital One’s adoption of Liberating Structures to help transform meetings into dynamic, creative experiences.

2. Empathy: A Keystone Habit

Tuesday 11:50am – 12:40pm | Track: Non-Technical Skills for Technical Folks

Could you be the problem? Your technical skills got you this far, but you might need to cultivate a few right-brain skills to make up missed connections. If you find yourself constantly butting heads and lost as to why your team members walk away upset, you might be lacking empathy. Learn to change this behavior, and you’ll unlock a new ability to coexist better in your world. Speaker Paul Tevis of Vigemus started his career as a software engineer and now coaches tech leaders who want to work as effectively with people as they do with technology.

3. High Performance Remote and Distributed Teams

Wednesday 4:10pm – 5:00pm | Track: Building High Performing Teams

If your company has been mulling over the risks and benefits of hiring remote workers, this talk is for you. Learn from cases that have successfully implemented remote projects, including eBay, Google, Stitch Fix and WeWork. Get the tools to start hiring remote workers from the ground up: learn to build teams, outline scope, manage their growth and communicate with empathy.

4. Workshop: Presentation Skills

Thursday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Have you ever frozen up in a presentation? You may be scratching your head as to why this still happens at your experience level. But the secret is, it’s not a matter of trying harder. Rather, it’s about cultivating awareness of what your body is doing and calming it down. Learn to break negative communication habits using kinesthetic learning tools in this workshop. Find out how to trick your body and voice into projecting authority, even when you don’t feel very confident.

5. Workshop: Chaos Engineering in Practice

Interested in getting started with Chaos Engineering? It’s what makes the greats great – Netflix, LinkedIn, Capital One and others have developed resilience through the practice of Chaos Engineering. Speaking at this workshop will be Casey Rosenthal, who managed the Chaos Team at Netflix, runs Chaos Community Day and – well, wrote the book on Chaos Engineering. Bring a laptop and get ready to dig into a series of hands-on exercises, active discussion and group collaboration. This workshop will cover:

  • What Chaos Engineering is and what it is not
  • What makes a good Chaos Engineering experiment
  • Tools to run your own experiments
  • How to continue research

See you there?

Come by our booth (it’s #26) to say hi, see a quick demo of the product and pick up some cool swag. We hope you have a great time at the conference, and I’m personally very excited for this one too. Want to share your thoughts or insights on the upcoming sessions? Send us your comments or tweet at us @overopshq.

Nick heads up events at OverOps, so you’ll probably see him on the road at conferences, meetups & summits throughout the year. If you do, be sure to say hi! When he’s home in SF, Nick likes to hike, cook, and play board games with friends.

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