42 Newsletters for Developers : The Ultimate List

 ● 18th Jun 2014

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A list of 42 newsletters that help developers stay up-to-date about the latest trends and news

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that”. Said the Red Queen to Alice, capturing the software development landscape in a nutshell. It’s evolving fast. Super fast. And it’s hard to keep track of the hottest news without letting quality content slip through the cracks. In this post we’ve collected a list of newsletters by devoted curators, all of whom are developers, who face the same problem of information overload (and tired of spam just as you do, so rest assured your email is in safe keeping). For the days when you can’t find the time to reach the HN or reddit tab and the next free spot on your calendar is 3 weeks from now. I hope this post will help you make sure no precious gems are left behind. Check them out and pick the few you like best.

The Must-Haves

1. Hackernewsletter
A collection of hand picked posts from HN, the top of the crop in your inbox. Separated to categories like code, design, watching, fun and more, with only a few posts in each one to keep you focused.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Kale Davis, who also works with Mailchimp, that many newsletters here are based on.
2. GitHub Explore
Popular repositories delivered to your inbox, showcasing the most interesting open-source projects that are being currently worked on.
Frequency: Daily, weekly or monthly.
Curated by: an army of octocats.
3, InfoQ Newsletter
All the new content on InfoQ, bite sized. Mostly around enterprise software.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: The InfoQ team.
4. Software Lead Weekly
This is one of my personal favorites, putting its focuses on the peopleware behind the software, culture and leadership.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Oren Ellenbogen.
5. StatusCode
A language agnostic roundup of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and must-read articles from the programming world.
Frequency: Published anywhere from once every few months to a weekly basis.
Curated by: Peter Cooper.
6. Dr. Dobbs Update
Dr. Dobbs has been around since the first days of computing in the form of a printed magazine, now it’s wearing its digital form and focuses on things that interest software developers.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Dr. Dobbs team (Just a heads up, it has great content but signs you up to a few more newsletters so keep an eye out for that when signing up).
7. Eclipse Newsletter
For Eclipse users who would like to stay up to date with everything Eclipse related: Community and project news, updates about new releases, technical articles and upcoming events.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: Roxanne Joncas.
8. CodeProject Newsletter
At the heart of CodeProject are tutorials and hands-on examples around Java, C#, C++, iOS, Android, Web and more. The CodeProject newsletter sends out the top content posted on the site.
Frequency: Daily or weekly.
Curated by: The CodeProject team.
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Java Developers

9. JavaCodeGeeks
The latest news in the Java world, JVM languages and tools, if you’re into Java then you’ve probably been around there already. The newsletter gets you on top of things with the most popular content.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: The Java Code Geeks team.
10. Java Performance Tuning
This newsletter’s sole purpose is to cover all aspects of Java performance issues and it does an awesome with that.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: Jack Shirazi, Kirk Pepperdine and… Java the hutt (at least that’s what they say).
11. Java Specialists
Hardcore Java in the depths of the JVM. Not for the faint of heart, and a must if you’d like to understand the ins and outs of Java.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: Dr. Heinz Kabutz, based in Crete, Greece.
12. JavaWorld
One of the most popular Java related websites, the newsletter keeps you updated with the latest tutorials and Java community news posted on JavaWorld.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: The JavaWorld team.
This one here is not a newsletter but worth mentioning from the Java perspective:
13. Java Posse Podcast
Java technology podcast, Java platform news, interviews with leading figures, opinions and “general mayhem” 🙂
Frequency: Monthly.
Created by: Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall and Chet Haase, watch out for the cowboy hats!


14. Dr. Dobbs C/C++
A must for C/C++ developers, includes previews of upcoming articles, columns on the ins and outs of the languages, algorithm implementations, and the latest news, tips and tricks, videos, and tutorials.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: Dr. Dobbs team (Great content but this one signs you up to a few more newsletters as well).


15. PyCodersWeekly
For those interested in python development and various topics around Python, whether you use it in the front-end, backend or even not on the web.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Mike Grouchy and Mahdi Yusuf, two Canadian developers.

Scala Developers

16. TypeSafe Newsletter

This is a must if you’re into Scala. All the latest news around including the Akka event-driven middleware, and Play framework – right from the source.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: The TypeSafe team.
Scala Monster
17. Cake Solutions
One of the best blogs around that deals with Scala, Akka and Play. The most interesting part here is the tutorials and experiments section, and it also includes weekly Scala news updates.
Frequency: You can choose if you want to get instant, daily, weekly or monthly updates.
Created by: The Cake team.

Front End Developers


Here we’ve collected some general and more specific newsletters for Front-End developers, but whatever you do be sure to check out this amazing project on how to keep up to date front-end technologies.

18. Daily nerd
About 10 Front-End Development gems delivered to your inbox each time.
Frequency: Every couple of weeks / months.
Curated by: Vasilis van Gemert.
19. Smashing Magazine
Front-End & Web Design, mixing coding, design and UX.
Frequency: Bi-Weekly.
Curated by: Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz.
20. Web Tools Weekly
A Front-End development and web design newsletter that focuses on tools.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Louis Lazaris.
21. CSS Weekly
A roundup of CSS articles, tutorials, experiments and tools.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Zoran Jambor.
22. WebRTC
A weekly & brief newsletter with all the latest news and activities on WebRTC.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Tsahi Levent-Levi and Chris Koehncke.
23. ng-newsletter
Hand-picked content by the experts in Angular.JS.
Curated by: Avi Lerner, Q, and Nate Murray.
24. Dashing d3js
Data visualization news and articles, mostly around D3.js.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Sebastian Gutierrez.
25. Ember Weekly
The latest Ember.js news, tips & code delivered directly to your inbox.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Owain Williams.
26. Web Design Weekly
Just pure awesome links to the best news and articles to hit the interweb during the week.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Jake Breneshan.
27. HTML5 Weekly
A weekly HTML5 and Web Platform technology roundup. CSS3, Canvas, WebSockets, WebGL and Native Client.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Peter Cooper.
28. Mobile Web Weekly
A weekly round-up of the releases, articles, and links that affect Web developers working on the mobile-facing Web.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by:
Brian Rinaldy and Holly Schinsky.
29. Javescript Weekly
A weekly email round-up of JavaScript news and articles.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Peter Cooper once again.
30. GameDev.JS Weekly
All about HTML5 game development.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Andzej Mazur.
And if we’re already mentioning the gaming world, Moshe from Takip’s Dev team recommended you check out this one as well:
31. Gamasutra
The art & business of making games.
Frequency: Daily update of new game dev articles.
Curated by: The Gamasutra team.


32. DotNet Weekly
The latest on .NET.
Curated by: Bill Stavroulakis, Loannis Panagopoulos and Marita Paletsou.


33. #AndroidDev Weekly (Merged with Android Weekly #34)

34. Android Weekly
Helping you stay cutting-edge with Android development.
Curated by: Martin Gauer, Sebastian Deutsch and Gyuri Grell.


35. iOS Dev Weekly
Hand picked roundup iOS development links.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Dave Verwer.
36. objc
The best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C. Wonder what will happen now with Swift in the picture.
Frequency: Monthly.
Created by: Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, Florian Kugle and many fellow contributors.
37. Ray Wenderlich
Tutorials for iOS and game developers, hands-on and gets you going.
Frequency: Monthly.
Curated by: You guessed it, Ray Wenderlich.

And some great newsletters that shed light on other topics:

38. DevOps Weekly
A weekly slice of devops news.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Gareth Rushgrove.
39. DB Weekly
A round-up of database technology news and articles covering new developments, SQL, NoSQL, document databases, graph databases, and more.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Cooper Press.
40. Ruby Weekly
Ruby news and articles.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Cooper Press.
41. Node Weekly
Node.js news and articles.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Cooper Press.
42. Postgres Weekly
PostgreSQL news and articles.
Frequency: Weekly.
Curated by: Cooper Press.


CSS Humor
Check it out, don’t be a border-radius: 0;
Created by: Mike Lee.
Is there anything missing? Which newsletters are you signed up to? Let me know.

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